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Monday, 16 February 2009

Insane Spanish Cobras


The Insane Spanish Cobras started in the late 1940s or early 1950s, more than likely the early 1950s like 1952 or 1953 because that was the year that Puerto Rican immigration began on the North side of Chicago. Back in the 50s they were known as the Crazy Snakes. In the year 1960 a group of government workers known as Gang Outreach Workers were working with the Spanish Cobras. Gang Outreach Workers went around Chicago getting to know the gangs and working with them to attempt to help them fight poverty and steer the gangs in positive directions. In 1960 there is documentation of these workers working with the Spanish Cobras of the north side of Chicago. The Cobras are said to have been founded by King Cobra. Who was the Spanish Cobra leader for a long time. Throughout the 1960s the Spanish Cobras feuded heavily with the Latin kings and other white and Puerto Rican gangs. In the late 1960s (probably 1969) the Spanish Cobras united with some other north side gangs. They united with the Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, and the Latin Disciples, to form ULO (United Latino Organization). Also the YLO was formed as well which included and still includes the YLO Disciples (YLODs) and the YLO Cobras (YLOCs). In 1978 King Cobra guided the Spanish Cobras into the FOLK nation because all of ULO voted to join Folks. In the year 1979, the Latin Kings told the Insane Unknowns to kill King Cobra, so the IUKs killed King Cobra in 1979. By the early 80s the Cobras had expanded around the north side quite significantly, they were located around: Augusta to North Ave/ California Ave to western; Lemoyne and Springfield; Maplewood and Division, and Artesian and Potomac and others. They attended Von Humboldt Grade school and Clemente H.S.

There was a group of Cobras that formed in the early 80s or possibly the 1970s known as the Spanish Cobra Disciples or (Mid town Cobras or West Town). They were located from Ridgeway to Grand/ Pulaski to Wabansia, and on Division ST. These Cobras attended Noble Grade School, Cameron Grade School, Orr H.S., Shurz H.S., and Clemente H.S. They used the pitchfork in their symbols and also wore the also flew the colors of black and blue along with black and green. The Spanish Cobras soon expanded their territory beyond their original hoods in Humboldt Park where they started. They set up shop in Logan Square, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Albany Park, and into Kelvyn Park. The Cobras fought vicious wars with the Latin Kings and the Insane Unknowns in the 1970s and the 1980s. In the late 80s the Cobras began to expand into Koz Park which would cause a war between them and the Simon City Royals a few years later. In the year 1992 the Spanish Cobras created the Insane Familia that was the unity of a group of Folk Nation gangs from the north side that consisted of: Orchestra Albanies, Ashland Vikings, Insane Dragons, Insane Dueces, Harrison Gents, and in 1995 the C-Notes, and for a short time later in the 1990s the Latin Lovers and the Latin Jivers.

The Insane was then added to their prefix to represent that they joined the familia. The Insane was not created in 1992; the Spanish Cobras have been using Insane since the early 80s and quite possibly as far back as the 1970s. The Insane Familia separated them from the Maniac Family led by the Maniac Latin Disciples. The MLDs and Cobras were growing into power at a tremendous rate and both gangs wanted to control the drug trade on the north side; therefore, in the early 90s (once interalliance fighting became very acceptable) the two gangs went to bloody war. The Cobras now are enemies with Maniacs and even Almighty gangs like Imperial Gangsters, Simon City Royals, Latin Eagles, and Harrison Gents (left the Insanes long ago). Tuffy C took over as chief after King Cobras murder in 1979, but now it is said that the Cobras are ran by Crazy C. The Cobras are now very large in number and have sets in the suburbs and even other states.

Insane Spanish Cobras chicago latinos street gangs


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